Barikata Ramen Bar

The generation of ramen finally has come here in Cebu as well.
Now, new ramen restaurants open one after another, and who can predict how many ramen restaurants in Cebu?
Many of the ramen restaurants are Japanese style recently, and you can enjoy JAPANESE QUALITY ramen noodles even in here, the Philippines.

This time, I would like to introduce a very popular dish at Barikata Ramen Bar, which is located in IT Park (20mins away on foot/10mins away by taxi from TARGET).

Where is Barikata? How can we go?

Barikata Ramen Bar can be found among many good restaurants in IT Park.
If you take taxi to go there, just tell the driver “Calyx, IT PARK” for your venue.
You can just directly type Barikata Ramen Bar if you have Grab or Uber.
The landmark is Gusto Cafe.

The Appearance and Interior of Barikata

You can find the popular ramen restaurant, Barikata Ramen Bar near Gusto Cafe.

They use basically black for the appearance and it made the restaurant’s look stylish. Besides, the restaurant is a glass building and open.
It is the one of the popular attractions of the restaurant that the easiness to go there alone.

Kitchen area. You can see how your ramen is being made through the window.
Go get yourself ready for your ramen!!

The menu in Barikata

Let’s go over the menu!
First, let’s see aka (red)!
Hmm, looks literally spicy. You can choose varieties of toppings such as normal, ginger, egg, nori(seaweed), cha-shu and all.

Cha-shu is a bit more expensive than all since you will have double pieces of cha-shu if you choose cha-shu.

Actually, Barikata is the only one restaurant where you can find Maze soba which tastes mixtures a bit sweetness and spiciness without any soup.
You can choose the taste from Red (aka) or Black (kuro). And It has 2 size, regular and large.
Next, let’s see white (shiro).
It looks creamy and rich, and it seems very delicious.

SHIRO TONKOTSU normal costs 335P(about USD7). Red and black normal both costs 355P(about USD8), so if you want to save money and try creamy and rich taste one, you’d better choose white(shiro).

Of course, you can get Donburi (rice bowl).
You can choose smaller size of dumplings and fried rice, so you can eat several kinds of dishes like ramen, fried rice and dumplings even alone.
The Kuro (black) soup has roasted garlic! The best seller is black!
The color and smell stimulate our appetite.

You can choose your soup from White (shiro), Red (aka) and Black(kuro) for your Tsukemen costing 330P (about USD7).
*Tsukemen is a kind of ramen. It has dried noodles and rich soup, and you will dip the noodle into the soup.

You can also find Izakaya food and lunch menu and others.

Eat Mazesoba at Barikata

We will introduce the dishes I actually ordered.
Barikata Ramen Bar I ordered Mazesoba Black Large (330P/about USD7) which is recommended by Japanese staff in TARGET.
First, you need to mix all the stuff in the bowl, even the topping.
No need to care the messiness! Just stir it!
You will feel the flavor of the seafood and the spiciness of the niku-miso with the thick and hard noodles. And it is very good.

A soup and rice all come with Mazesoba complimentary.
The rice is for mixing with the leftover of toppings and sauce.

You can add vinegar and chili oil to make the Mzesoba your favorite.


The price is a bit expensive compared to other ramen restaurants. (Normal Tonkotsu Ramen:335P/USD 7)
So, it is not relatively crowded since not many Filipino cannot go and eat there. However, the taste is pretty good.
Barikata is a good place to hang out with friends and try and compare the taste of ramen to other restaurants.

Barikata Ramen ber

Opening Hours:

G/F, Calyx Building, W Geonzon St, Lungsod ng Cebu, Lalawigan ng Cebu

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