TARGET     Conveniently Learn English in an Affordable ESL School in Cebu 

Some people want to study English and experience different cultures at the same time.  However, for those who don’t speak English well may worry about how to communicate with native speakers.  If you wonder how to solve this problem in English.  TARGET is your solution!  There are many reasons why students should choose TARGET.

First, there are Taiwanese、Japanese manager and enthusiastic staff to help students regarding their needs and concerns.  Moreover, teachers are well-trained and passionate to teach students in a simple way.

   Next, TARGET has maximum of eight one-on-one classes per day, which differs from other schools and it has flexible contents for your convenience.  The group classes give students opportunities to make international friends and practice their communication skills.  Therefore, students can improve English quickly.

   Last but not the least, TARGET caters affordable prices for students, including the tuition fee, room and board.  The school even has employees to do laundry and to clean rooms twice a week.  Those ensure the students to focus on their studies.

   TARGET is a suitable place for those who want to enhance their English skills. Studying in TARGET increases students’ confidence and it fits for any age.  Especially, its reasonable price and friendly teachers that make students as part of a big family.  Some teachers may be your good friends throughout your life.  As a whole, TARGET is the best place to learn English and to create wonderful and unforgettable memories.